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caring_rational's Journal

The Caring Rationalist
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The developing of a caring and rational humanity
This group is dedicated to the development of a caring and rational human society.

We concern ourselves with the areas of critical thinking, compassion, pacism, inner development and social development.

All subjects which fit in with the above principles are acceptable.

In keeping with rational compassion the following rules apply.
1. No cursing. The use of curse words reflect poorly on the mental ability of the speaker.
2. No insults. If you can't get your point across without being insulting then don't try.
3. Positive criticism. If you spot a problem with someones thinking make sure that your input is constructive.
4. Minimal Advertising. If you have found a useful product then please share it. However, make sure the product fits with the group.
5. Open Source. Whenever possible please use open source references and applications. Examples - Wikipedia, Open Office, etc.