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On the rational response to insult

Greetings and Felicitations,

The rational response to insult.

"There is no insult where none is taken," Surak of Vulcan.

When presented with an insult the rational person has several different responses dependent on the truth of the insult. The important issue is to remain calm while analyzing the validity and impact. A prime point to remember is that you cannot be insulted unless you accept the insult.

An insult may be truth or untrue.

The simplest response comes from the untrue insult. If there is no validity to the insult then nothing futher needs to be done. It can simply be accepted as the person making the insults opinion. An opinion is a mental awareness of an issue that is based solely on personal experience and tends to be filtered through someone's previous mental programming.

If the insult is based on some fact it has to be analyzed using two criteria.

The fact is true but something that you cannot, or will not, change. Insults based on facts that cannot be changed tend to follow the general direction of a natural characteristic. A person might insult your skin color, your sexuality, your gender and related areas. These issues are unchangeable and aren't actually a problem. The onus of change is placed on the person who perceives this as an insult and a problem.

The fact is true but something that you can, and are, willing change. The response to these insults are simple. Correct it. A typical insult from this area might directed towards your ignorance of a subject.

Sincerely Yours,
C. David Neely
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